What if my browser freezes or becomes unresponsive?

We've provided some common solutions below to help get your browser working again if it freezes or becomes unresponsive while using your RealOffice360™. Unfortunately, you may lose any unsaved edits on a page, so try and save it first if possible.

1. Reload the page.
Click on the refresh/reload arrow in the top control bar (or menu) in your browser, or you can do this by pressing Ctrl+F5 (Windows) or Cmd+R or Apple+R (Mac).

2. Restart your browser.
Please be sure to close all your browser windows completely and quit the application. Then, restart your browser and login to your HIA™ dashboard again.

3. Clear your cache.
Restart your browser and then follow these instructions on how to clear your browser's cache.

Still not working?

Send us a direct message below by clicking on the purple “Contact Us Directly” button below!

If this is frozen, you can try sending us an email to support@hiacanada.com as well!