Getting Started

  • Step #1 - Watch the Video

    Not sure where to start? Watch this introduction video again by clicking here ( Still not sure? Check out the Learning Centre here ( Watched the video? Check! Looked through the Learning Centre...
  • Step #2 - Visit the Learning App

    Ready for Step #2? Check out the Learning Centre here ( Not finding what you are looking for? Send us a direct message below by clicking on the purple “Contact Us Directly” button below! Chat soon!
  • Step #3 - How do I add a contact?

    You can add a contact by clicking "Add Contact" in the "Contacts" section of RealOffice360. For more please go to the learning center by clicking on this link (
  • Step #4 - How do I add an opportunity?

    An opportunity is noting whether your client is a potential seller or buyer. You can do this many ways in RealOffice360 and view all of your opportunities in one place, the Opportunity Tracker. To learn how to add an opportunity click here (
  • Step #5 - How do I add a task?

    You can add a task several ways on RealOffice360. Directly from the Contact under "Tasks". Click here for details. ( Directly from an Opportunity under "Checklist". Click here for details...
  • Step #6 - How do I import my database?

    A strong client database is the backbone to any successful career. Quickly maximize the power of RealOffice360™ by importing your clients from your other CRM or contact manager. For details, please click on the link (
  • Step # 7 How do I add Family Members

    On RealOffice360 we have built it in such a way that you have a primary contact and attached family members. The primary contact is the name you see in the Database, while you can add unlimited family members to each of these. For example, if you were my client we would add you as a contact. The...
  • Step #8 Setting Up Your Lead Capture

    RealOffice360 works with many online websites to capture leads directly into your CRM. To set up lead capture into RealOffice360 please see the instructions by clicking here (