• Supported Operating Systems & Browsers

    To give you the highest level of performance and security, RealOffice360 has been designed specifically to utilize the latest internet technologies. We currently support the following operating systems: Google Chrome Version 32 or better (Preferred Experience) Apple Safari Version 9 or better Mo...
  • Can I change the colors?

    Absolutely. We can fully customize the color palate of RealOffice360 when using our Brokerage offering! Click here for details. (https://realoffice360.com/real-estate-crm-software-for-brokerages) If you are a broker and want this, let us know! If you are an agent, feel free to tell your broker a...
  • How do I export my contacts to a CSV?

    You can export your contacts to a CSV. in two simple steps. Step #1 - Go to the "Contacts" section of RealOffice360. Step #2 - Click on "IMPORT" and select "Export to CSV" This will download a CSV file to your computer.